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To serve and engage Muslims by promoting the values and teachings of Islam and to advocate interfaith harmony in a multicultural environment in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah (actions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


To be a center of excellence for developing and sustaining a progressive, vibrant Islamic community and a nurturing environment for the society at large.


We offer first hand introduction to Islam and Muslims offered to groups or individuals.Group visits for students from elementary, secondary, high school or colleges; for staff, individual from public and private institutions are arranged in order to learn more about Islam. ICLI programs are in English and our doors are open to all.

Historical Perspective and Structure

The concept of the Islamic Center of Long Island (ICLI) grew out of the concerns of a small group of immigrant Muslim families, who settled in Nassau County in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The need to preserve their offspring in Islamic principles, drew these families together, often on weekends in make shift classrooms. Thus, over time, the need for an Islamic Center now stands, was thus bought by private donations. ICLI incorporated as a non-profit religious entity in April 1082 (Rajab 1402) under the provisions of the Religious Corporation Law. Vigorous fundraising efforts followed. Construction of the present structure began in July 1989 and was completed in 1991 at a cost of close to two million dollars. The Center comprises a mosque, with its inspiring Prayer Room featuring traditional Islamic architecture set in a modern American context, a multi-purpose room, classrooms, library and offices – totaling an area of about 10,000 square feet. The facility can accommodate several hundred worshippers and many more with completed exterior landscaped courtyard for prayer purposes. As of 2007, the Center owns four additional houses adjacent to the Mosque. The Center, thus, symbolizes the community’s resolve to preserve its religious, educational and cultural values and is open to all those, who want to learn and practice Islam.

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DR. MUFTI M. FARHAN – ICLI Executive Director

Mufti Farhan is a local scholar who works with various Masjids & organizations throughout Nassau County, Queens and Brooklyn. He left after high school at an early age to Pakistan where he studied at Binoria International Islamic University earning a PhD in Islamic Fiqh. He has specialized in legal rulings, Islamic theology, Islamic economics and astronomy. He also serves as the director of Children of Adam, an organization that is shaping the way of the youth. Read More……