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ICLI History & Beyond

The need for the Islamic Center of Long Island grew out of the concerns of a small group of Muslim families on Long Island, mostly immigrants who settled in Nassau County, New York in the early 70s. The desire to preserve their Religious and Ethnic identity lead to the conception of the Islamic Center of Long Island (ICLI).

The property was purchased in 1984, and the donations for the purchase of land and the building came from private donations. The initial property was a small two-story house with an adjoining piece of land.

The small house on the property was altered for the Quranic instructions and spiritual needs of children and adults. The first Jumma (Friday Congregational Prayer) had three adults and the weekend school had 15 to 20 children. The first expansion of the center was started in 1989 and completed in 1991. This expansion added a prayer hall for men and women, instructional classrooms, library and offices, an area of 10,000 square feet with a cost of two million dollars, Alhamdulillah.

The services that ICLI was providing are tailored to the spiritual needs of all age groups. Some of the community programs at ICLI are; A vibrant and busy Weekend School with about 400 students from New Moon to 12 grade, IC kids 3 to 5 years old, sisters Halaqa, Adult Quranic education, Hifz Program, girls scouts, boys and girls basketball leagues, Salaam group for recent reverts to Islam, Interfaith seminars, Matrimonial counseling and services, and funeral arrangements for Islamic Burial.

Through its interfaith initiatives, ICLI has been a steady force of resistance against Islamophobia and dispelling stereotypes against Islam and Muslims. The Islamic Center of Long Island has a proud history of interfaith work and initiatives to a level of distinction, which delivers the message of universalism brought by all the Prophets and Messengers of God. In October 2015, Dr. Faroque Khan, a founding member and an interfaith maverick at ICLI established the Interfaith Institute of Islamic Center of Long Island.

Board of Trustees of ICLI

Mr. Rizwan QureshiChairperson

Vice Chair

Mr. Habeeb Ahmed

Dr. Irfan Amin

Mr. Karl Ashmawy

Dr. Ennaji Benhammou

Ms. Zainab Bey

Dr. Safdar Chadda

Dr. Isma Chaudhry

Mr. Nasir Farooqi

Mrs. Safura Gangat

Dr. Altaf Khan

Dr. Faroque Khan

Mr. Ishan Khwaja

Mr. Nazir Mir

Dr. Ali Mohyuddin

Mr. Mohammad Moizuddin

Dr. Asif Rehman

Mrs. Seema Rahman

Dr. Kaleem Rizvon

Mr. Sajid Shah

Mr. Ammad Sheikh

Mr. Waheed Siddiqui

Dr. Kausar Zaman

Dr. Qamar Zaman


Mr. Zaheer Bhatt

Ms. Sherene Elzanaty

Dr. Naz Daniyal

Mr. Asim Mahmood

Mr. Ali Mohammad

Mr. Sohail Nabi

Mrs. Nadia Pervez

Mr. Shahid Satti


Mr. Michael Balboni – Consultant

Mufti Mohammad FarhanExecutive Director

Executive Committee of ICLI (2024-2026)

Dr. Tanveer Mir

Dr. Tanveer Mir

Mr. Mohammad Rashid

Mr. Mohammad Rashid

President Elect
Mr. Imran Zaidi

Mr. Imran Zaidi

Vice President
Mrs. Farheen Yahiya

Mrs. Farheen Yahiya

Second Vice President
Mr. Javed Munawar

Mr. Javed Munawar

Mr. Syed Wajahat

Mr. Syed Wajahat

General Secretary
Mr. Reyaz Patel

Mr. Reyaz Patel

Joint Secretary