ICLI Summer Camp

The Summer Camp runs for 6 weeks from July 6 through August 12th, Monday-Thursday for children from Pre-K – 8th grade. The children are given a healthy balance of Quranic instruction and recitation, academic instruction and support, arts and crafts and structured sports activities. Lunch is included. All safety precautions will be in place during the camp. Sibling Discount – 1st child pays full, 1st sibling 10% discount, 2nd sibling and so on 15% discount. Please call the office to ask for discount codes.

Register here for Group A (3 yrs – 6 yrs old) https://forms.gle/TnaZFhEr7RZM371b6

Register here for Group B (2nd grade – 3rd grade) https://forms.gle/hEMxnZMHhqeWwEHv5

Register here for Group C (4th grade – 5th Grade) https://forms.gle/mCc89UeHhy8FEoUM9

Register here for Group D ( 6th Grade – 8th Grade) https://forms.gle/f36aTFYUsG3Ky4XC7

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