ICLI UPDATE – March 31, 2020                                                                                             

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu llahi wa Barakaatuh!

Dear Respected Members of ICLI and the Muslim Community,

            The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the ICLI community, Muslim communities of Long Island, the United States and communities across the globe in ways that we have never thought of.   We want to share an update on the status of your Islamic Center, its current programs and services being offered.  

  • Jummu’ah Prayers & Daily Congregational Salah’s are suspended until further notice. The decision to inshallah re-initiate Jummu’ah Prayers & Daily Congregational Salah’s will be done so with consultation from Muslim Scholars, Health Professionals, local and State Government, WHO and CDC guidelines. In lieu of not performing Jummu’ah in congregation, please pray your regular Duhr Salah at home.


  • ICLI Educational Programs: The following programs are currently active and being taught online.  Based on current New York State Guidelines, we have a tentative on campus start date for the following programs, starting Monday April 20th, 2020, however subject to change based on actual conditions.   
    • Hifz Program with Academics
    • Evening Nazirah Classes for Boys and Girls
    • Weekend School
    • IC Kids Preschool


  • Spiritual Reflections with Mufti Farhan:   Livestream on Facebook
    • Every Night at 9 P.M. & Every Friday at 1 P.M.
      • Livestream:  https://www.facebook.com/ICLINY
      • Recordings available on YouTube, Twitter and ICLINY.org
        • Please subscribe to “ICLI Videos” on YouTube for all ICLI recordings.


  • Have a Question or Need Help:
    • Health Related Concerns & Questions on what services are being offered by Nassau County:                       
      • Contact: Dr. Isma Chaudhry at (516) 333-3495 ext. 104 or email: Isma.h.chaudhry@gmail.com
    • Islamic Center of Long Island operations and/or community needs:  
      • Contact: Br. Habeeb Ahmed at (516) 581-5893 or email: jifsha@yahoo.com


    • Spirituality questions and/or concerns:
      • Contact Mufti Farhan at (516) 333-3495 “option 5”or email: Mufti.farhan@icliny.org
    • Financial Help: In need of Zakat or Sadaqa
  • Ramadan 2020: 
    • Islamic Center of Long Island will Inshallah update the community by April 15th on Ramadan Schedules and programs. Please stay tuned.  
      • “Road to Ramadan 2020” Virtual Talk by Mufti Farhan scheduled for Sunday, April 12th (6 – 7:30 P.M.) (Tentative)  
  • ICLI and the Community is in Need of your Generous Financial Support:

 Donate to help your community in need: Don’t wait till Ramadan!

 These are unprecedented times and we ask all members of the community to seriously consider the recommendations from ICLI and Health Professionals to help in minimizing the impact of this virus.  Please stay HOME and practice social distancing and cleanliness.  

We are reminded of trials and tribulations from Allah (swt) and must use this time to continuously pray to HIM for safety and protection from all illness, for guidance to follow HIS way and for success in this life and the next.  During these stressful times, all believers should find comfort in the following verse: “Say: Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us! And He is our Protector, let the believers put their trust in Him!” (9:51)  


Board of Trustees Chair, Dr. Isma Chaudhry

President, Habeeb Ahmed  

Executive Director, Mufti M. Farhan