Interfaith and community outreach 2015

Allah (SWT) guides us in (2.177) that our worship and Ibbadah is incomplete without helping deeds, and we must translate our Iman (faith), and our beliefs into actions of service to humanity. We truly are by the Grace of God an organization that harnesses the teachings of the Quran, with service to the community at large.

Interfaith Iftaar:

The Islamic Center of Long Island has a long and proud History and Tradition of celebrating Diversity and Building Bridges of tolerance, Peace and Understanding with Interfaith communities. The Congregation Celebrated its 12h Interfaith Iftaar with the diverse Interfaith Community of Long Island. Over a hundred representative of different faith communities, community leaders, politicians and government officials attended the Dinner. As our interfaith tradition, the evening was concluded by a beautiful, heartwarming and inspirational Interfaith prayer led by the Interfaith clergy representing the Multi Faith community of Long Island

The Speaker’s Bureau / Interfaith & Outreach committee of ICLI:

Has launched numerous outreach initiatives with the focus of dispelling myths and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. These outreach initiatives have been very well received by other faith based communities, schools, colleges, governmental and private sector organizations.

Some of the initiatives that the speaker’s Bureau has been involved with are:

To provide accurate information about Islam and its ideology and to support Muslim Cultural events in schools and colleges.

Besides being involved with the various long Island School districts, colleges and organizations in giving them supportive information about Islam and challenges faced by Muslim students in schools and colleges, this group has undertaken the following new initiatives and followed them to completion.

  1. The Islamic Center of Long Island is pleased to announce a collaborative initiative with the Library and Department of History and Political Science, Malloy College. The program is co-sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the American Library Association (ALA).  The Muslim Journeys initiative, seeks to promote diversity and understanding through accurate information about Islamic civilizations and culture.
  2. Islamic center of long Island started a tradition of honoring high school seniors for their efforts in celebrating diversity. Five Graduating Seniors from Westbury, Carl Place, Jericho, Syosset, and Herrick’s schools were given cash awards at the awards ceremony.
  3. Faculty in service courses contract renewed with Herrick’s High school.