ICLI Committees


Islamic Center of Long Island’s Committee Description (2024 – 2026)

Board of Trustees – Standing Committees:

Governance and Grievance Committee: The GGC is responsible for ensuring that all members, committees, the Executive Committee, and the Board adhere to the constitution and By-Laws of ICLI. Additionally, the GGC actively receives and resolves any concerns or grievances expressed by members, committees, the EC, and Board.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee plays a crucial role in maintaining the Center’s financial health and stability. Their primary focus is on facilitating financial expansion, ensuring its long-term financial sustainability, and identifying various financial strategies and opportunities. They also oversee the management of a robust endowment fund.

Long Range Planning Committee: The role of the LRPC is to conduct research, evaluate, examine, and propose programs and initiatives that will have an enduring positive influence on the ICLI Community in the long term.

Executive Committee – Standing Committees:

Education Committee: The Education Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the Weekend School. Operating on both Saturdays and Sundays throughout the academic year, this committee oversees various aspects such as curriculum development, teacher hiring and assessment, school event management, and making sure that the students are achieving the set goals.

Zakat Committee: The Zakat Committee at ICLI is responsible for managing the collection and distribution of Zakat funds. This committee focuses on determining the most effective ways to allocate Zakat and Sadaqa funds to individuals in need, in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

Membership Committee: The goal of the Membership Committee is to expand the ICLI membership by organizing activities and programs that will be advantageous for both current and prospective members of ICLI. Under the supervision of the Executive Committee, the Membership Committee oversees the management of membership criteria, perks, application, and approval process.

Fundraising Committee: The Fundraising Committee’s role is to coordinate, promote, and supervise fundraising events for ICLI. Their responsibilities include organizing fundraising initiatives during Ramadan, the Annual Gala in November, a Semi-Annual fundraiser, as well as other fundraising activities throughout the year. These efforts aim to provide support for the Center and its various programs and activities.

Youth Committee: The ICLI Youth Committee strives to involve our Muslim youth, helping them cultivate a strong connection to the Masjid and Community. Our goal is to empower these young individuals with the necessary skills and self-assurance to thrive in both this life and the hereafter. We aim to arrange a range of programs and events that tackle diverse subjects including Islamic knowledge, spirituality, interfaith connections, community involvement, and the everyday challenges faced by Muslim youth in America.

Social Media/Technology Committee: The goal of the Technology Committee is to audit and manage ICLI’s IT infrastructure, including internal networks, software, digital platforms, and IT security to support the Center’s requirement. Update and standardize technology maintenance across the Center. Develop an engaging and effective Social Media strategy that is valuable and beneficial to the Center’s growth.

Quran Academy Committee: The Quran Academy Committee’s aim is to reflect the teachings and values of the Qur’an in our behavior and personal traits, in order to promote a deep affection for the Qur’an within our Center and the wider community. We are in search of individuals who share our beliefs and are interested in joining our Qur’an Committee, a group of dedicated volunteers working alongside the Executive Director to supervise Quran-related initiatives at ICLI.

Ad-Hoc Committees:

Newsletter CommitteeThe Newsletter Committee is tasked with creating, organizing, editing and publishing newsletters containing informative and educational content to both the members and local community. These newsletters aim to provide updates on the current state of ICLI as a well-established organization, its various programs and events, as well as committee reports.

Sports Committee: The Sports Committee is responsible for creating, coordinating, and launching various sports programs catered towards ICLI members and the wider community, with a focus on individuals of all age groups, particularly the youth. The primary goal of the committee is to establish and administer sports leagues as well as charitable sporting events.

Funeral Committee: At ICLI, we highly prioritize providing a respectful Islamic Burial, catering to the requirements of the bereaved family, and striving to deliver our utmost in serving their entitlements. Our package comprises of the complete burial process, release of body, washing of body, providing the kafan (shroud), and arranging a suitable grave plot. The Funeral Committee oversees all the funeral services offered by ICLI.

Summer Program Committee: ICLI provides a Summer Program and Summer Quran Program catered to children and youths from grades KG to 8th. This six-week program commences in July each year and offers an engaging experience encompassing Islamic studies, academics, arts & crafts, sports, and field trips. This committee will be assigned the responsibility of strategically managing and supervising the Summer Programs.

Food Pantry Committee: The ICLI Community Pantry operates every Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, serving individuals in need within the community. A team of committed volunteers graciously offer their support, ensuring that those requiring assistance are attended to. The committee has been assigned with the responsibility of overseeing operational tasks, addressing inventory management, and raising funds to ensure the pantry remains well-stocked.

Interfaith Committee: The goal of ICLI is to foster a better understanding of Islam and dispel misconceptions about Muslims among the wider community. Committee members are anticipated to organize and conduct events and initiatives aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding of Islam among diverse religious communities. This includes conferences, seminars, charitable endeavors, and proactive educational efforts.

Black History Month Planning Committee: The BHM event offers a chance to honor and showcase the accomplishments and stories of African Americans throughout American history. It is a community gathering that welcomes attendees from diverse political, educational, and business entities across Long Island and New York. The committee members are responsible for coordinating and supporting the preparation of a successful event every February.

Salaam (New Muslims/Dawah) Committee: The main goal of the Salaam Committee is to offer a robust network of support and a friendly atmosphere in order to help new Muslims and their families adapt to Islam more effortlessly. This involves organizing open houses at ICLI and creating educational courses focused on Islam, along with mentorship initiatives specifically designed for new Muslims.

Seniors Committee: The Seniors committee at ICLI offers a variety of programs aimed at bringing Seniors together, allowing them to showcase their skills, talents, and passions. These programs not only promote a sense of achievement and satisfaction but also create opportunities for personal growth and continuous learning, essential for a thriving aging journey.

Safety and Security Committee: The Safety and Security Committee’s responsibility is to review existing safety and security measures and improve upon them, in order to create a safer and more secure environment for all staff, students, members, and congregants at ICLI.

Islamic Events Committee: The Islamic Events Committee has been assigned the responsibility to develop, organize, execute, and supervise Educational Seminars and a yearly Islamic Conference at ICLI, under the direction of ICLI’s Executive Director.

Capable Companions Committee: CCC is a Special Needs Committee to foster diversity and inclusivity of teens and adults with disabilities by providing equal opportunities and social, emotional, and educational support.

Scholarship Committee: The Scholarship Committee’s main goal is to identify school/students that are eligible for scholarship. Besides organizing an annual event, members of the committee should have a keen interest to expand the program to align with the ICLI mission of promoting religious harmony.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for ICLI Committees. May Allah (SWT) reward you for your commitment to serve the Center and the Community. The Committee members will be selected based upon their ICLI Membership, time commitment and their previous volunteer experiences.

The deadline for submission of the form is February 19th, 2024.
If you are not a Member of ICLI, please signup here: https://icliny.org/icli-membership/