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The Salaam Group at the Islamic Center of Long Island (ICLI) is committed to establishing organized and efficient religious, and social supports for new Muslims. The Salaam Group’s guiding principles focuses on having structures in place where new Muslims, Interfaith couples, and any Muslim who would like to deepen their knowledge of Islam can reach out and receive individualize and/or group support as they transition into Islam.

Upon taking Shahadah (Declaration of Faith) new Muslims receive a welcome bag. The bag includes a Quran, Islamic reading material geared towards strengthening their Iman, and social support with pairing through a buddy system. Soon after, the new Muslim is introduced to individuals at ICLI who are willing to assist them learn Salah, accompany them to Jummah (Friday) prayer, and understand the Quran and Hadith.

Devoted committee members also ensure that the vision and mission of the Salaam Group is maintained, as they constantly seek ways to best support the new Muslims on their journey.

The Salaam Group’s committee is flexible, and individuals meet either in person or via telephone conferences. The meetings serve as an opportunity to coordinate relevant activities such as Eid gatherings, picnics, scheduling guest presenters/classes, planning networking events and discussing next steps for new members.

The Salaam Group hosts Eid celebrations and other social events where new Muslims have an opportunity to share their story about how they came to convert or revert to Islam. They also have a chance to meet members of the ICLI community, as they network with other Muslims in order to establish long-term relationships. If any of the new Muslims feel they could use support through mental health counseling, services can be provided for an easy transition.

New Muslims receive information about programs and events offered at ICLI, such as the Sunday Hadith class, the Adult weekend seminar sessions, the Interfaith Institute’s events, the Sisters’ Halaqa program, and other Islamic classes in and around the New York City area.  Moreover, members receive e-mail announcements, online group chats such as WhatsApp, newsletters and Islamic publications that address a host of relevant Islamic topics.

Without ongoing support, staying on the path of Islam can be challenging for new Muslims. Therefore, we encourage community members who may know anyone looking for guidance and support as a new Muslim to feel free to contact us.

Respectfully submitted,
Salaam Group Committee


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