“Content Heart” – Pearls of Guidance Juz’ 13 (Those who believed, and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah.) for their hearts find comfort on the side of Allah SWT, become tranquil when He is remembered and pleased to have Him as their Protector and Supporter. So Allah SWT said: (Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.) and surely, He is worthy of it. (13:28) One of the great early Muslims said, “Everything that hearts find of worries and sadness is because of what they have been denied of beholding Allah.” What is remembrance (dhikr) of Allah SWT? It’s essential meaning is to have Allah SWT in heart and mind at all times. Remembrance of the tongue and worship of the limbs is a means to this. Normally, of course, ends are not reached if the proper means are not taken. “Be with Allah, You will find Allah with you.” Allah SWT has said to us, in plain yet beautiful words that our hearts will find serenity in His remembrance. This means that the tranquility of hearts and obedience of ALLAH SWT go in hand in hand. If you loose one you loose the other as well.