Educating the Next Generation of Muslim Americans

with Professor Emeritus of Zaytuna College, Imam Zaid Shakir

Friday Khutbah and Evening Event

Join Imam Zaid Shakir, professor emeritus at Zaytuna College, at the Islamic Center of Long Island for a Friday khutbah and evening talk on Islamic education. Imam Zaid will discuss how Zaytuna College has risen to the challenge of edifying future generations of Muslims by reviving a timeless education for young Muslims today. He will share thoughtful reflections on the purpose of education, the role of Muslims in shaping the future of education in America, the importance of building Muslim institutions of higher learning, and our collective responsibility to revive our sacred tradition and legacy as knowledge bearers for humanity. 

Friday Khutbah: 1 pm EDT
Evening Event: 7 pm EDT

Due to limited capacity, registration is required for in-person attendance at Friday’s evening event. Please sign up below by Monday, May 22nd, 2023 or click here to watch online.

Refreshments will be served!