“Hypocrites” – Pearls of Guidance Juz’ 10

“Whether thou ask for their forgiveness or not, (their sin is unforgivable): if thou ask seventy times for their forgiveness, God will not forgive them.’ (at-Tawba, 80)”

Abdullah b. Ubay b. Salul, was the leader of the hypocrites. He worked very hard throughout his life in order to humiliate the Messenger of Allah SAW, to prevent the development of Islam and to set Muslims against one another. He cast aspersions on many people in order to realize his evil aim. He committed some deeds in order to destroy the solidarity among Muslims when they needed solidarity the most. However, all of his attempts failed due to the help of Allah Almighty and the precautions of the Messenger of Allah SAW.

let’s learn an amazing story of what happened at the death of this man and how our Prophet SAW treated him.