Quranic Gems AFTER FAJR with Mufti M. Farhan every day at ICLI & Live-streamed.

AFTER ZUHR on Sundays during Ramadan and Live-streamed. ‘Tafseer of the Four Qhuls’

Mar 17th – Surah Al-Kafirun
Mar 24th – Surah Al- Ikhlas
Mar 31st – Surah Al-Falaq
Apr 7th – Surah An-Nas

Duaa & Reflection BEFORE MAGHRIB with Mufti M. Farhan Fri & Sat at ICLI & Live-streamed.

Quran Tafseer AFTER ISHA with Mufti M. Farhan and Sheikh Ibrahim Negm every night at ICLI & Live-streamed.

Tarawih at ICLI led by Hafiz Adnan Ali, Hafiz Bilal Siddiqui, and Hafiz Tamim Islam.