What is Sadaqatul Fitr?

Ibn Abbas (RA) has narrated that Rasulullah (SAW) prescribed SADAQATUL FITR as an obligatory duty in order to purify those who fast, from useless and obscene activities and to provide food for the poor. (Abu Dawood)

How much is Sadaqatul Fitr?

Amount of Sadaqatul Fitr based on the New York retail market prices as of Shaban 9 1444, or March 2 2023: $8, $15, $38, $45 per person.

This will earn you  a great reward and will immensely benefit the needy. “And whatever good you will send ahead for your own-selves, you will find it with Allah much better in condition, and much greater in reward.” (73:20)

MINIMUM $8.00 per person ADVICE FOR THE AFFLUENT MUSLIMS Consider the higher standard.

WHEAT: Half Sa’ (3.75lbs) $8.00 per person,

BARLEY: One Sa’ (7.5lbs) $15.00 per person,

RAISIN: One Sa’ (7.5lbs) $38.00 per person,

DATES: One Sa’ (7.5lbs) $45.00 per person.

When should I pay Sadaqatul Fitr?

Pay before going to Eid Salah on Eid-ul-Fitr Day, the earlier the better.

Who should be given Sadaqatul Fitr?

Sadaqatul Fitr should only be given to individuals eligible to receive Zakat.

You may also pay your Sadaqatul Fitr through ICLI at: