Adult Programs


Weekend Seminar

Continuing Education Program

ICLI has Weekend Seminars every Sunday. It is an excellent program that has workshops, training courses and lectures that allow attendees to receive in-depth information, all while interacting with subject matter experts directly.

The Seminars have two sessions. The first session has guest scholars who speak about not just the common topics, but education designed specifically for our community. The second session is by Br. Mufti Farhan, ICLI Executive Director. Currently he is doing the 40 Ahadeeth of Imam Nawawi series. To check out the current Seminar topics and speakers, visit:


Interfaith Program

Interfaith & Community Outreach

The Islamic Center of Long Island, since it’s inception, has been very active in its interfaith work. To promote better understanding of Islam as a complete way of life. There are widespread misconceptions and myths regarding Islam and Muslims amongst the members of other faiths in America. Members of ICLI clearly saw the need for an ongoing outreach and interfaith dialogue to help clear up these misconceptions ICLI works with members of the Multi-Faith Forum, Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, etc., as well as with many churches and synagogues on Long Island.

Special programs on Islam and Muslims have been organized in cooperation with Telecare, Westbury Public Library, Multifaith Forum, American Muslims and Jews in Dialogue, L.I. Religious Leaders Visit the Congress, and since 2004 several such programs were held with Elderhostel of Boston, MA.

These programs are just a few interfaith initiatives ICLI is actively involved in. Interfaith meetings and presentations are held on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

sisters halaqa

Sisters’ Halaqa

A Learning Circle of Knowledge

The Muslim Sisters Halaqa is a weekly gathering of sisters that began several years ago at ICLI and became a circle of knowledge consisting of a group of culturally diverse sisters, coming together for the sole purpose of pursuing knowledge of our Deen, and building a strong bond of sisterhood. Our halaqa has also been a place and source for us to share and learn from each other, as well as to develop and gain a greater respect and appreciation of our cultural differences. The halaqa enriches and benefits our lives through our commonality of faith, interactions and discussions. It has broadened our faith and love for one another.

The Muslim Sisters Halaqa provides a range of Islamic learning activities each week, including teachers who are learned and well-versed in many disciplines of Islam, ranging from fiqh (jurisprudence) to teaching Islamic Studies, Qur’an and Tajweed. The climate is one that is caring, nurturing and respectful towards all that attend. The halaqa also provides a full program consisting of Quran recitations and discussions, Arabic/Tajweed, Ahadith, sister-to-sister presentations, monthly socials and discussions that are relative as well as pertinent to our Deen and our respective roles in our families, communities and society. We occasionally invite guest speakers to our halaqa to educate and enlighten us in their respective fields and areas of expertise. During our halaqa sessions our focus is on fulfilling the different levels of knowledge and understanding and developing informed and educated Muslimahs to better serve our Deen.

salaam group

Salaam Group

Support for New Muslims

In our attempt to realize the vision of planting roots, nurturing, and establishing organized and efficient religious, extended familiar and social supports for the new Muslims, the Salaam Group continued to create and provide a strong support system and a welcoming environment to facilitate the new Muslims and their families in their transition.

Salaam Group Chair,

Sr. Zainab Bey.